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Our Program



Age-Appropriate Education

Francis Asbury Preschool utilizes weekly thematic units as our curriculum. These units will mirror the Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL).


The lessons will be taught at an age-appropriate level so that the concepts are understood.


Spiritual Growth

In addition to the weekly units, the teachers will also discuss with the children our monthly religious concepts. Examples of these concepts are the following: Loving thy neighbor, God has created our world, Give Us Thanks. In addition to our religious concepts our children will be exposed daily to reciting of prayers and saying a blessing at meal times. Finally, all classes participate in a regularly scheduled chapel service led by a Francis Asbury UMC staff member.

What Makes Our Program Special​

  • We meet each child at their own level. We are able to do this because of our small ratios in each classroom.

  • We welcome all parents, grandparents, friends and extended family to participate and attend events at our school!

  • We have a completely open-door policy—come and visit the classroom any time you would like!

  • We offer a 4-hour school day.

  • We offer an extended day option for families who need a couple additional hours of care (12:30 - 2:30pm)

  • We offer a wonderful 6-hour Kindergarten program to help your child reach, achieve and grow beyond their educational goals!​

  • We offer a Bridge Kindergarten program that helps BRIDGE the gap between children who are beyond a Pre-K level academically but may not be ready for the full Kindergarten program. 

A typical day at Francis Asbury Preschool begins promptly at 8:30 a.m. The classes rotate between many structured activities ranging from music and movement, yoga and stretches (wiggle time), circle time, centers, art, journaling and individual time. All activities are age appropriate and change daily so that the children can expand and grow.


While the activities are structured, we certainly encourage and appreciate when a child or group of children are intrigued by an activity and take the direction in a new, bigger, and/or different direction than the teacher originally had planned.

Typical School Day​
Curriculum Highlights

Discovery Detectives

Each class attends Discovery Detectives with Ms. Brandi. During their weekly 20 minute class they explore the many concepts STEM, music and art offers us! Including (but certainly not limited to) primary and secondary colors, float and sink (buoyancy), dissolving solutions, different forms of matter (solid, liquids etc), a variety of artist as well as learning about health!  This program has been a wonderful addition to our school!

Chapel Time

We hold chapel time every week with one of our FAUMC family ministries team members. Each chapel lesson exposes the children to overviews of the Christian faith. We learn what the Sanctuary is. Why is it an important place? How we are all special and unique visions of God? And many more topics. We feel it is important to expose our young friends to Chapel time so that they are equipped to spread the word of God to those around them!

Extra-Curricular Activities

We are pleased to offer additional after-school programs for children ages 2–5, including:​​

  •     Discovery Detectives

  •     Kid Fit


Summer Camp

Our school year ends the week before Memorial Day. To extend the learning process we offer four-day summer camps, which are filled with adventure: campers receive a FAP water bottle, themed snack, crafts, in-house field trips and much more!

Kindergarten and Bridge Kindergarten Class

Francis Asbury Preschool has expanded our program to offer both an exclusive Kindergarten class and a Bridge Kindergarten class for the 2023-2024 school year. The exclusive Kindergarten school hours are 8:30 - 2:30pm. Our Bridge Kindergarten school hours are 8:30 - 12:30. Due to the intimate class size (no more than 10 students) teachers are able to vary instruction significantly lending itself to this class being a wonderful option for both children who are having a “bonus” year of Kindergarten (our Bridge Kindergartners) as well as for students who will be moving onto 1st grade. 


FAP Bridge Kindergarten and Kindergarten class instructs the children using hands-on manipulatives and opportunities to expand the growth and understanding of the skills. FAP uses The Amazing Action alphabet program, Secret Stories (as a supplement source) and decodable leveled readers for small group reading time. FAP uses the Everyday Math and Scholastic Science Spin program. FAP follows the VA SOL’s as our framework when creating learning objectives. Additionally, both Kindergarten classes will experience P.E. instruction (with a PE teacher), technology instruction (usage of a school chromebook), and off-premises field trips.  


While our Bridge Kindergarten students will receive all instruction of the concepts during their shorter day. Our exclusive Kindergarten students receive added reinforcement of these concepts to ensure mastery of all skills. This added reinforcement occurs in the afternoon hours. Our goal for each child in the exclusive Kindergarten class is that they will be fully prepared for a successful first grade year. Our goal for the Bridge Kindergarten students is that they will receive exposure to all of the Kindergarten concepts. Therefore, when they move on from FAP and are enrolled in their next year of Kindergarten the skills are not new and they are able to quickly show mastery… perhaps even begin with some mastery of the skills!

​Please contact the preschool director for additional details on our Kindergarten program.

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